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Exciting launch of our Birthday/Dress Up Range!

Welcome to our very first ever Birthday/Party & Dress Up Range!

We are so excited to finally launch this range that we have been working on for quite some time now!

Included in this range is an array of sparkly whimsical capes, fit for any small King or Queen, Princess or Ballerina...the options are endless! We also have a beautiful silver metallic cape and some soft luxurious reversible velvet capes that have stunning matching collar and crown options to go with them. Get lost in a world of mixing and matching.

And to compliment it all we have the most adorable animal face masks, plus so much more.

Let this fanciful assortment of costumes adorn your imaginative little ones for their birthday or imaginative play.

Our capes, crowns and collars are all made here in New Zealand by our passionate artisans.

And download our gorgeous catalogue here:

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