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...And The Winner Is

Firstly we would just like to say a BIG thank you to all of you for your submissions, we got so many adorable photos! This past Saturday we had a stall at a market which proved to be a great success and we thought to draw 'out of the hat' the lucky winner for the photo entry competition at the stall! We had some great little helpers on the stall which were extremely excited to see who was pulled from the hat...

....and the winner was...

Congratulations Chelsea Light! Chelsea sent us some beautiful photos of her little one wearing the Meri Meri soldier hat, absolutely adorable, below are the photos. Thanks Chelsea, enjoy your $50 voucher! xx

Claudia from Australia wears Meri Meri soldier hat.

Although we would love to, we can't share all the entries here, but we would love to show you just a few below, happy browsing at all the gorgeous little models...

Everley from UK wears matching bonnet, bloomers and collar. 

Valentina from Australia wears the Wonderland White Fur Bonnet.

Alfie from Australia wears the Quinn Plaid Romper.

Frankie from New Zealand wears one of our crowns.

Elliana from Australia wears two of our bonnets. The felt fur bonnet.  ...and the Harper Plaid bonnet. 

Victoria from New Zealand wears the rabbit mask - Flopsy.

Frankie from Australia wears the Ruffle Onesie.

Sylvester from Australia wears matching spot collar and bloomers. 

Ingrid from Australia wears one of our best sellers, the Petal felt bonnet.

Anais from Australia wears Knitted Ribbed Pom Bloomers.

Cartier from New Zealand wears one of our Y'ves Haize felt crowns.

...and that's just a few of the submissions we got, we hope you enjoyed viewing. And thanks again to all who shared the photos, it was so exciting to see them all! Below are a couple of photos from our market stall on Saturday, you may notice a few beautiful new items which are not yet on our website! It's because we decided to launch the new spring items at the Spring markets, but keep your eyes peeled for an email in the next day or two as we will be adding them to our website!

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