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Welcome Back!

As you most would have been aware LaPerouge was closed in Australia end of last year and we are so excited to let you know we have reopened just across the ditch! Yes, we are now based in New Zealand. Since we first started in 2013 we have had many beautiful classic seasonal ranges and lots of other beautiful baby essentials. Seven years on and we decided it was time for a little make over, as you would have noticed changes to our logo and website etc. We are also excited to bring to you a new range of items, focusing mainly on essentials, accessories and gifts. You will see we have a stunning range of Atelier Choux items from France, this range is utterly adorable and we are sure you will love it as much as us! Not to mention a whole lot more of stunning items on our website from lush hand knits to felt crowns and scarves and range of cute silicon essentials. Get yourself a coffee, sit back and enjoy your browse through our brand new website!

Enjoy xx

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