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What makes our products so special...

We may not have made this clear before, but our products aren't just any old quality, we pride ourselves in having only the best quality items and materials! Take our hand knit range for example! Amongst the adorable designs and colours in our much loved hand knitted range you will find only the best of yarns! No acrylic or polyester yarns, only top quality natural yarns such as 100% cotton from Italy and 100% wool mainly from our own home town. Which brings me to another reason why our hand knits are so special, they are all made by hand from our clever artisans right here in New Zealand! So you can totally trust our hand knits to last and be passed down the family for years to come! But not only is our hand knit range top quality but have you seen our latest felt scarves and bonnet range? Again lovingly hand made in New Zealand from top quality (yes, only the best you can get) 100% wool felt from Australia, and our gorgeous fur trims 100% real fur!

So that's what makes La Perouge stand out from the crowd and you can have peace of mind our products will last.

enjoy xx

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