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Y'ves Haize Crowns and the Queen Behind the Brand.

No doubt you have seen our adorable Y'ves Haize Crowns and melted, just like we did when we set eyes on them for the first time! Well, thanks to the clever designer these are ever evolving and new designs keep getting released exclusive to La Perouge.

Hayley is the Queen behind these gorgeous felt crowns and lives in New Plymouth New Zealand with her husband and two gorgeous children, Seager & Pastel. These are hand made unique pieces made by Hayley right here in NZ! (I did hear she has even been known to sit at her sewing machine wearing a crown!)

One of her latest designs is the personalised crown where you can add a letter or number to your little ones crown, such a gorgeous idea and perfect for birthdays with their number on it too! Check these made to order items out online now....

And now for a word from our crown Queen:

"After having a little girl I realised all the beautiful headbands that are made out there just don't seem to stay on their little heads and they take them off just when you have dressed them for that special occasion, sound familiar? Well, that's what drove me to creating the felt crown! They are so comfortable and they stay on and don't slip down like other headbands. My daughter loves these as she feels just like a princess and also feels comfortable, what more could a little girl want?! These beautiful felt pieces are hand made in New Plymouth NZ with love! xo"

Below is a photo of Hayley of Y'ves Haize and her family.

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